Virtual CFOs - Helping You Achieve Profitable Growth

Virtual CFOs – Helping You Achieve Profitable Growth

As your Virtual CFO, New Direction Capital is a reliable, goal-centered and action-oriented firm with a 20-plus-year track record of achieving measurable results across multiple industries and business models.

Providing the benefit of a Chief Financial Officer, without the cost of hiring a CFO full-time, is the affordable strategic choice that fuels New Direction Capital’s business philosophy.

Evolving a business in an ever-changing economy means you will arrive at many junctures that require a trusted advisor and problem solver who can assist you in making smart decisions based on accurate data and a forward-thinking mindset.

Everyday business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to save time and money to maximize profits, but are sometimes unsure as to whether they’ve chosen the most efficient route to do so. New Direction Capital has both developed and tested methods that bring clarity to decision making.

Proper financing evaluation is an invaluable tool that enables healthy business growth. When decisions are made without knowledge of all available financing options, it can lead to disappointing results, wasted resources and a frustrating banker-customer relationship.


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“You will not be disappointed using NDC for all of your financial services needs. Not only are they experts, but they also take the extra steps necessary to complete a project. You will never here them say, “no”, or “can’t be done”. They leave no stone unturned. If you want results, NDC is your answer.”
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