CFO Services

CFO Services

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Saving Time and Money

To make good decisions, businesses need to identify the right questions to ask, invest the time to find well-researched answers, and have a team of experts involved throughout the process. Learn more.

Increase Profitable Growth

Before any business can take a strategic step forward, it needs to be confident that the plan it chose to put in place already uncovered the best growth possibilities up front. This is the foundation of what we do. Whether your business is growing, stretching or trying to increase efficiencies, New Direction Capital can help you map it, drive cash to the optimal positions, and help you hit your goals in the shortest amount of time. Learn more. 

Previewing Business Valuation

Running a business that is geared towards ongoing profitable growth involves being able to accurately determine the valuation of your business, and other businesses, and calculate how that value increases over time. In order to make effective business development decisions, business owners can’t afford to skip this step. New Direction Capital can help.  Learn more. 

Implementing Strategy and Plans

New Direction Capital understands that companies rise and fall based on their ability to develop and carry out sound strategic plans.  Though most business leaders and entrepreneurs prefer growth, it is easy to lose sight of strategy when dealing with the demands of overseeing day-to-day operations. New Direction Capital can step in to fill the strategic gap, ensuring you anticipate and avoid expensive mistakes. Learn more.

Finding Capital

Economist Alfred Marshall said, “Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth.” Many businesses lose money because they struggle to use capital to their best advantage, find the right capital mix for their business, or know all the options available to them.  Learn more.

Acquire or Divest

Acquisitions and divestitures happen all the time, but whether yours is successful depends on whether or not you are equipped with the right information and the right team to take you through the process.  Learn more.



New Direction Capital - Virtual CFO Services
“In my capacity as Dean of the Fox School of Business, I have known Mike for over twelve years. His ascendancy to the presidency of our alumni association at the business school, after nearly eleven years of involvement with the business school, is testimony to his hard work, innate ability to lead, and especially his vision for the future.

Mike took the alumni association through a successful strategic planning process of his initiative and has spoken at countless events, on his own time, to assist faculty and students of the school.  Our internship and placement program is stronger as a result of work done by Mike and his board.  More recently, Mike has demonstrated strong collaboration with our development office in conceiving a real estate symposium at the Union League in Philadelphia.  Because of the collaboration on speakers and topics, this symposium will be the best ever, and will draw from across the real estate community in Philadelphia.

I can strongly commend Mike Breeze to anyone seeking a seasoned professional who possesses both a firm grasp strategy and vision as well as the skills to follow-through and execute in a spirit of collaboration.”
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