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Economist Alfred Marshall said, “Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth.” Many businesses lose money because they struggle to use capital to their best advantage, find the right capital mix for their business, or know all the options available to them. The New Direction Capital virtual CFO Team can determine whether or not your business is effectively using capital or where adjustments should be made so that your capital is positioning your business for growth, not detracting from its success.

  • What is the best mix of capital sources that will position my business for growth? Is it debt alone? Or is it a mix of debt financing and equity financing?
  • How do I find and select the best capital providers for my particular business?
  • How do I choose which financing option works best for me?
  • How do I make sense of what the bank/investor wants from me?
  • Have I restructured enough to get the lowest financing cost?
  • How do I sift through all the options and find the best financing for where my business is right now?
  • What aspects of the financing request can I delegate?
  • What should be included in my custom financial package and presentation to improve my chances for success?
  • How is my relationship with investors? Equity sources?

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“I have known Mike for many years as a member and now President of the Fox School of Business Alumni Association at Temple University. This is an all volunteer group that is charged with driving activities in support of the University Development Office and the overall growth plans for the Dean of the School of Business. During the time I have known Mike, he has always come across as both dedicated and focused and could always be counted on to go the extra mile for people. He is willing to work with both the students and staff on almost any project that arises, and his great reputation flows out to the business community as well. He is one of the good guys and I would strongly recommend him to your business!”
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