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Increase Profitable Growth

Increase Profitable Growth

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Before any business can take a strategic step forward, it needs to be confident that the plan it chose to put in place already uncovered the best growth possibilities up front. This is what we do. Whether your business is growing, stretching or trying to increase efficiencies, New Direction Capital virtual CFO services can help you map it, drive cash to the optimal positions and help you hit your goals in the shortest amount of time.

  • Do you have a roadmap that can take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time?
  • Do you have enough capital to realize your growth roadmap?
  • Are the capital sources you have in place today going to be able to grow with you over time?
  • Do you have the financial resources needed for an upturn?
  • When should I consider restructuring the business’ existing loans?
  • How do I maximize my employee mix to improve business operations?
  • Have I slashed costs too much and hurt value?
  • How can I identify and develop the business’ core competencies?
  • Where can my business efficiencies be improved and how will that/should that impact non-core functions?
  • Do I have a thorough understanding of the financial side of the business?  Is it organized in such a way that it does not pull me away from my core activities to keep running and growing the business?
  • Do you need to see where your business is trending?  Are you measuring key indicators of your business on a frequent basis?

New Direction Capital - Virtual CFO Services
“Mike has a real talent, a knack for acquiring clients, then building meaningful relationships and finally delivering on his promises.  This is a rare quality in today’s commodity approach to doing business.  When you are a unique entity facing challenges, Mike is the person to sift through countless details, spend literally hundreds of hours working on behalf of his client and then executing effective plans of re-capitalization.  He easily grasps the details of diverse businesses, and innately has a feel for the economic situation of many different business models.

Mike easily works with professionals attached to a business such as attorneys, accountants, and outside business consultants to put together a team.  This team approach creates a “can do” environment playing from a position of strength and new opportunity.  He can really find the true value of a business, so that the less creative financial institutions see the vision with him.”
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