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Saving Time and Money

Saving Time and Money

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To make good decisions, businesses need to identify the right questions to ask such as those below, invest the time to find well-researched answers and have a team of experts involved throughout the process. Problems arise when decisions are made without the necessary input. The New Direction Capital Team saves you time and money by bringing together detailed research, data collection, and an extensively developed banking and professional network.

  • Do I need to strengthen my bank relations or find a new bank?
  • What is my relationship with banks like?
  • Am I having challenges with my current bank relationship?
  • Does my banker have a good handle on our business model?
  • Should I buy new equipment so I can run a specific in-house function, or would it be better to partner with another company who already is skilled in this area?
  • Do I want to focus on growing my business organically or find outside sources to help grow the company?
  • Would it be better to go it alone or start conversations with alliance partners when entering a new market, starting a new venture, or accessing new technologies or products?
  • Which alliance partners will give me the best opportunities to be successful in creating value for my company?
  • Am I spending too much time in my business and not enough time running my business?
  • Should I grow by entering a new market or by adding a new line of business?
  • How much change can our business currently handle?
  • How will a change in one area impact the other aspects of our business?
  • What are the obstacles we should expect to face as we undergo this change and how do we best prepare for them?
  • How many times has a special project been put off or never done at all?
  • Projects can be time-consuming: do you have the people that can work on the project without interrupting your day-to-day business activities?
  • Are you in a situation where the project requires confidentiality?

New Direction Capital - Virtual CFO Services
“In my capacity as Dean of the Fox School of Business, I have known Mike for over twelve years. His ascendancy to the presidency of our alumni association at the business school, after nearly eleven years of involvement with the business school, is testimony to his hard work, innate ability to lead, and especially his vision for the future.

Mike took the alumni association through a successful strategic planning process of his initiative and has spoken at countless events, on his own time, to assist faculty and students of the school.  Our internship and placement program is stronger as a result of work done by Mike and his board.  More recently, Mike has demonstrated strong collaboration with our development office in conceiving a real estate symposium at the Union League in Philadelphia.  Because of the collaboration on speakers and topics, this symposium will be the best ever, and will draw from across the real estate community in Philadelphia.

I can strongly commend Mike Breeze to anyone seeking a seasoned professional who possesses both a firm grasp strategy and vision as well as the skills to follow-through and execute in a spirit of collaboration.”
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