Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At New Direction Capital, our mission is to provide reliable, accurate, and affordable Chief Financial Officer solutions for you to grow your business.


We enjoy working with businesses and helping them grow. This is our passion and at the core in all we do. We all know that innovations from the internet have changed our lives personally and also the way we all do business, it’s helped in many ways and at the same time has led to major business disruptions. Everything digital has changed the way we compete for business, the way we meet customer needs, the way we interact with vendors, suppliers and customers and also has allowed new competition to enter your market. These innovations have made the business climate even more challenging considering the economic climate over the past 5 years.

With all of these challenges bring opportunity, and at NDC we work with our clients to focus on continual profitable growth. It’s a fact that, with the digital economy, businesses are growing or they can be shrinking.  It is impossible to stay the same and you cannot afford to shrink. There will be innovations that impact your revenue and there will be economic changes that cause your costs to rise. With our Chief Financial Officer services we help our clients make sense of all these challenges and build a roadmap to continue a strong foundational business and one that continues to be relevant and viable.

Working with You

We work with you as your hands-on strategic financial partner.    We work with you to manage your company’s business issues, financial activities and operations.  We offer real value by implementing action steps for our clients rather than just providing a list of recommendations.  This includes strategic needs, short term needs, as-needed analysis, performance measures, understand cash flow drivers and long-term road maps to get you where you need to go.  We take a comprehensive view and consider both business impacts and personal impacts as well.  We do this all in a confidential manner.  Within everything we do are main focus is to keep your foundation strong and continue building profitable growth.  The majority of our time together is spent on increasing revenue, cash flow enhancement, assessing risk, capital planning and growing the value of the company.

NDC works with you on the financial decisions, making sure you have accurate information to make informed decisions and most importantly ensuring you have more time to focus on your core business.

Working with Your Advisors and CPA

All of our clients have relationships with their CPA firms. CPA firms play a valuable role with key accounting, preparation, and tax planning functions. CPAs tend to spend majority of their time in the accounting and historical numbers for the business and NDC as Chief Financial Officer spends majority of time with the future of the business, forward-thinking numbers and spend most of their time on business matters. We believe the CPA is critical to your success and work collaboratively with your CPA whether you’re an established business or relatively new one.  As strategic financial partners, we are forward looking and understand important component of your success is to engage all of the key people involved within your company and your key advisors; CPA, banker, attorney, wealth management planner, etc., we partner with them.  The process we employ working with your CPA and others is not just beneficial, its essential to your success.

So, what makes us different?

Personal Attention to Detail

We are completely focused on getting you results. Our goal is to help you lay a foundation that begins to build your wealth over a lifetime through equity building, timely execution, and creative problem-solving. The long-term relationships we’ve established speak volumes about our values and the results we deliver for our clients.

Available When You Need Us

We are always available for our clients – anytime, anywhere – we’re available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. All of our clients can reach us in the office or by our cell phones anytime they require.


Our main value is Integrity – we do what we say we are going to do.  The New Direction Capital Team is the rare company who says what it will do and actually does it.  NDC employees keep to their word and commitments.  We do what we say and make no excuses.

Value-Added Resource

Our years of experience, knowledge and connections within the industry help us see the big picture for our clients—and to make educated recommendations. Our strong industry relationships translate into better outcomes for our clients. We carefully advise our clients in selecting the right financing instruments and properly structuring of debt to alleviate the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be wasted over a lifetime with the wrong debt or poorly structured debt.

In short, the virtual Chief Financial Officer of New Direction Capital is a unique partner that is truly dedicated to ensuring you receive the best finance and commercial lending services available.


New Direction Capital - Virtual CFO Services
“I was referred to New Direction Capital by a family friend. For the past 10 years we have been leasing a large location for our business. Our location is strategically important to our business and is needed for the continued growth. New Direction Capital worked with us to build a plan to save funds for a down payment and also help us with financial targets so our financials would be in good shape when it was time to finance. About a year after working with New Direction Capital, our building’s owner approached us about purchasing the building. New Direction Capital was able to work through the best financing for our situation.
I now own the building, have a working line of credit for the slow months and could not be happier. There was a tremendous amount of information and business planning that was needed. New Direction Capital made this process easy for us and saved us tons of time and effort. They also worked on our behalf to make sure we received the best pricing with vendors and low cost financing. These results do not do justice to the level of support I received from NDC during this time. Mike was there every step of the way to ensure a smooth process, often available after hours to ease my concerns. I would highly recommend New Direction Capital for your business ventures. Their dedication and experience make the process seamless. On top of that, they are very nice and kind people."
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