Case Study: A Real Estate Holding Company

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Case Study: A Real Estate Holding Company

Case Study: A Real Estate Holding Company



A real estate firm reached out to New Direction Capital during its 5th year in business.  The client is a successful real estate operator but was running into roadblocks securing capital for a large project.  After spending time with many banks, they found most banks did not want to lend funds on a new construction project.


First, New Direction Capital working as Chief Financial Officer met with the client to understand their vision for the project.  NDC assessed their financials, the land, and the track record of the operators.


NDC was able to analyze the project, build a financial model, and through its network identify fund sources to capitalize the building of the project.  Through this process, NDC saved the client time by having sound knowledge in capital structures, banking knowledge, and structuring the project in a way that would be acceptable to capital funding companies.

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