Implementing Strategy and Plans

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Implementing Strategy and Plans
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Implementing Strategy and Plans

serv-strategy225Strategic Planning and Business Plans

Business Forecast and Trend Analysis
Budget and Forecasting/Cost Savings Strategies
Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning
Commercial Real Estate Strategies

The New Direction Capital virtual Chief Financial Officer understands that businesses rise and fall based on their ability to develop and carry out sound strategic plans. Though most business leaders and entrepreneurs prefer growth, it is easy to lose sight of strategy when dealing with the demands of overseeing day-to-day operations. New Direction Capital can step in to fill the strategic gap, ensuring you anticipate and avoid expensive mistakes.

  • Why do I need a strategic and/or business plan?
  • How do I write a business plan to acquire bank, venture capitalist or angel investor funding?
  • How do I know which risks to avoid? Do I know what risks a recovery might bring?
  • How do I know which opportunities to take advantage of?
  • Where should I concentrate my energies and how should I approach delegating to others?
  • Is my business optimally positioned to go beyond long-term profitability and to reach my definition of success?
  • Am I making the best decisions when it comes to bringing in services or products I adopt from the outside?
  • Can we deliver on less?
  • What should I do with my current location? Should I expand?
  • Should I go to a bigger location or have more locations?
  • Should I continue to rent or is it time to buy real estate to secure a location and add equity?
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