How to Get New Hires Quickly Up to Speed

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How to Get New Hires Quickly Up to Speed

How to Get New Hires Quickly Up to Speed

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFew people, if anyone, like to be the new kid in the office. Starting a new job is stressful for a few reasons. Not only is a new employee taking on new responsibilities and tasks. They are also going to have to find a way to fit in with their new co-workers, who may already have a defined social order.

When they say that first impressions last longest, they aren’t lying. Many employees can tell whether or not they’ll stay at a company for on a long-term basis within the first week of employment. Although sometimes, a new hire just isn’t a good fit for a company in the long run, in other cases, the managers and current staff at the company could have done much more to make the new person feel part of the team and to bring the new hire up to speed. Here’s what to do to help increase your employee retention rates and to make new hires feel welcome from the beginning.

Get Started Before Day 1

The onboarding process for new hires can and should begin before the new employee walks in through the door on their first day. Depending on how sure you are about a candidate, you can start onboarding during the interview. That can mean giving a new hire insight into your company, such as details about its culture and values. You can describe your company’s mission during the interview and discuss your goals and the goals of the candidate.

Prior to the first day at a new job, many new hires have jitters and concerns about what to wear, where they’ll go for lunch and who they’ll be interacting with on that first day. You might put together a “FAQs” guide for new employees, answering basic questions such as what the dress code is, what the lunch policy is and who the new hire will be working it, plus contact information for those people. Email or send the FAQs to the new employee before they begin.

Give New Hires a Crash Course in Culture

Depending on the culture and style of your company, there are ways to bring new people into the fold and make them feel part of the team from the start. Some companies assign new employees a “buddy” or mentor, whose job it is to answer any questions and to provide general guidance. Companies with a more casual culture might give each team member a nickname to help people feel like they belong right from the start. What you do to make new hires feel as if they belong depends on your company’s style and preference, but it should be more than simply showing someone to their desk and handing them a stack of paperwork.

Put Together a Welcome Packet

Along with introducing new hires to your company’s culture right away, it helps to put together a welcome packet for their first day. A welcome packet sends the message that you were waiting for them and were ready for their arrival. What you put in the packet depends on your business’ style. You might include a T-shirt or other piece of company-branded merchandise, a note from the owner or manager, all the paperwork the employee needs to complete for HR, a trivia sheet about the company or even flowers or something to decorate their new desk.

Have an Open Door Policy

Sometimes, new hires might struggle to get used to the job or might feel as if they’ve been left to float on their own, with little or no guidance. When employees feel like they’ve been left to figure things out on their own, they might be more likely to start looking for a new opportunity or for a company that might be a better fit.

Having an open door policy, that is, letting new hires know that you or someone else on the team is there to answer any questions they might have, can help avoid feelings of uncertainty or alienation. It’s also a good idea to check in with new employees from time to time, such as at the end of the first day, the first week or first month, to make sure that they are adjusting well and to answer any questions they might have.

A team of happy employees is key to your business’ growth. To learn more about ways to help your business grow, contact the team at New Direction Capital today.

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